Overlanding with an Invader There is no better!

When touring countries like Namibia and Botswana you need to drive long distances to reach the most remote, beautiful campsites, venues which gives our clients that “bucket list” experience. These are often places where your regular camper/trailer/motorhome cannot reach and that is why our tours often include harsh 4×4 or difficult driving conditions.


Botswana and the campsites and venues on our tours exposes our clients in the Moremi, Central Kalahari, Mabuasehube and Chobe to elephants and hippos right in front of your campsite playing and feeding in the river or swamp, curious hyenas and honey badgers circling your Invader at night looking for something to scavenge and elephants quietly feeding 2 meters from your Invaders bed at night. Lions roaring and inspecting your campsite at night(or while still busy with a braai) is an indescribable, kind of powerless, adrenalin rush, anxious, exiting, laughable feeling you cannot describe if you did not experience it first-hand.  Sunsets, game drives and sundowner cruises that clients think was only a reality on certain wildlife channels on DSTV. These are all things you will never whiteness as a human without a tough and reliable Off-road camper, while still enjoying all the luxury and ease of setting up. That…. only an Invader can offer.

Namibia is a land of contrasts with beautiful scenes and open spaces, sometimes you feel you are standing on Mars or the Moon when you visit a crater. To reach Epupa Falls, the Kunene, the Kavango strip, Kaokoland, Damaraland and certain places in Southern Namibia, or driving from one venue to another,… can be challenging on vehicle and camper and we always have more problems with the vehicles than the Invaders.

Never, on any of our tours have we ever had to leave an Invader behind or had to arrange for a tow or recovery. Plus we have never had an Invader to withdrawn from a tour,…. and that is why I have the utmost respect for an Invader and Dan and his team.

That is why Invader are always our preferred campers of choice.

Johan Fourie, Pinnacle 9 Tours, proud tour operator for Invader Off-road campers, South Africa


DesOverlanding with an Invader There is no better!