The new Invader Duo X

We never stop developing and keeping up with the latest technology in the camping industry.  We test, retest, and test again and then look for ways to make your camping setup even easier and more comfortable.

It took two years for us to complete the new Duo X design, from the new rounded shape, a bigger bed, more space inside and much more tech.

It’s always a challenge to find  technology that is tough enough to survive the roads we travel to those off-the-grid places and still works after travels through dusty and bouncy roads. The X ticks all these boxes and a few more! With an inverter and double charging system, you have all the power you need and a bit extra.  We also added extra roof-titling actuators, so even less manual labour for the setup.  Check out the full spec sheet to see more added extras!

We added a cupboard door that can open from the outside with access to your clothes – perfect for after a shower or when quickly needing to get that warm jumper. And extra length queen-size bed! Then extra packing space with nose-box drawers. And let’s not forget the new swing-out awning!

We kept all the good from the original Duo model, the X is just as tough and durable, just Xtra everything! We are very excited about this camper, come and have a look at your nearest dealer and see for yourself.

Happy camping!

DesThe new Invader Duo X